Fleece Leggings and Pattern Leggings

Fleece leggings and pattern leggings are one of the hottest trends in fall and winter. Why? Because they are quite possibly the most comfortable thing you will ever put on and wear out in public. They are like pajamas, that you can dress up and create looks that are professional and fashionable.

What to wear with fleece leggings?

Fleece leggings are most often worn with tunics that are long enough for leggings. Generally, you want to ensure that the top you are wearing covers your behind. This is a long-standing argument, but we rule on the side of making sure that your butt is covered when you are wearing skin tight fleece leggings or pattern leggings.

The most favored top in the boutique fashion world is Piko Tops and Piko tunics. If you are under 5’3″ you will generally find that you are able to wear the piko top as a tunic.

Most boutiques carry long tunics that are all types of material everything from pattern knit tunics to sweater tunics.

How to Style Fleece Leggings?

Below is just a few different ways you can style your leggings. Find a top that compliments one of the colors in your fleece leggings or pattern leggings and go for it! As you can see we’ve also paired the patterned leggings with a long camisole dress and dolman top. As long as you have appropriate coverage, you are limitless with what you can do and wear with leggings.

piko tunic with fleece leggings pattern leggings piko tunic with camo pattern leggings dolman top with pattern leggings fleece leggings


The reason that so many women love leggings is because you they are SO comfortable, especially if you buy the ones with the smooth fabric and the fleece on the inside during the winter, yet they are also wearable. Of course, you probably couldn’t wear the patterned leggings to work, but if you find the right solid fleece leggings and a professional looking tunic you could totally sport this look at work and feel like you’re lounging at home in pajamas. That’s why they’re the best. Not only that, but you can look cute while trying not to freeze in the winter.